Aceh is one of the provinces in Indonesia which has a fascinating history. Acehnese society have been known for its cosmopolitan characteristics, democratic, egalitarian and multicultural society because Aceh has been a destination of migration of many peoples around the world. This causes assimilation and cultural acculturation, transmission of intellectual, social transformation and of course, religion and customs harmonization. It was therefore Aceh had been a center of civilization and science in Southeast Asia at the time of Sultan Iskandar Muda (1607-1675 AD).

Aceh has never been quiet from war and conflict such as the struggle against Portuguese (1511), Holland (1874) and Japan (1942) as well Cumbok War (1945-1946), DI/TII (1953), the struggle of GAM (1976), DOM (1989-1990) and Martial Law (1998-2003). Number of victim in Aceh increased after the most tragic natural disaster, 9.8 Richter scale earthquake and tsunami on December 26, 2004. Both conflict and the tsunami had damaged social life foundation in Aceh. As a result, social order and culture, traditions and customs were nearly lost, law enforcement did not exist and human rights were violated.

However, a desire to live peacefully began to come up after Acehnese Freedom Movement (GAM) and the Indonesian government sat down to find solution of the conflict in Aceh. Beginning from COHA (The Cessation of Hostilities Agreement ) until the signing of the MoU in Helsinki, Finland on August 15, 2005 aim to end the conflict. The peace process  have resulted in the massive reconciliation at both elite and community level.

Application of Regulation of Governance of Aceh (UUPA) brings about a new paradigm for the establishment of Aceh more peaceful, prosperous and advanced. To realize these goals, the most appropriate steps to do are to build and revive education, research and community empowerment and strengthening the role of women especially in Acehnese community at all level.

These steps become primary mainstream and orientation for Center for Education and Society Development (PKPM) as well as a historical background for this institution. Establishment of PKPM is also encouraged by scientific and academic spirit among the younger professors who want enlightenment, change, transformation, reconstruction and even deconstruction in various fields especially in the sphere of education, research, community and women empowerment.

Hopefully, with these steps, the people of Aceh who once became the center of science, cosmopolitan, multicultural society, egalitarian, respect for human rights and women’s rights will be realized. The key word is revitalization of education, research, community development and women empowerment.

PKPM was founded on January 27, 2003 amongst staff teachings of State Institute of Islamic Studies Ar-Raniry and Syiah Kuala University, both located in Banda Aceh. After the earthquake and tsunami tragedy on Dec. 26, 2004 which have destroyed Aceh, has resulted in many sufferings for people in those regions, included property and victims. Due to this catastrophe PKPM office was also destroyed where files, computers as well as office kits are badly damaged. It is therefore after this tragedy, activities of this organization have been temporarily moved to a new office located in Darussalam Banda Aceh. Legal act of this organization will also renew. Its new legal act is LEGAL ACT NO. 20, February 16, 2005.

Recently, PKPM office has a new own office building located in Jl. Prada Utama No. 113 Gampong Pineung Banda Aceh 23116 Province Aceh, Phone 0651 8010348.


Creating Better Education and Community Development


  • Solving problems faced by the society particularly in the field of education
  • Empowering and developing human resources aiming particularly at increasing quality of education.
  • Developing innovation in increasing the quality of public services.
  • Empowering people to increase their quality of life.